Local Bizzarro is a production company for commercial content, fiction, documentaries, animated films and music videos.

Our main objective is to link the industry’s leading content creators with the assorted variety of locations available in Marche, an Italian region of unnoticed beauty.

Local Bizzarro is not just a production company, it is a community of filmmakers and a movement that inspirits research and experimentation. The company’s management division also represents top filmmakers for film and TV, delivering content for brands and agencies all around the world.


Mattia Fiumani

Creative Director

Mattia studied Film at the New York University and worked as a creative director and film director with various record labels and artists in Los Angeles, Cairo, Berlin and Milan.

Gastone Clementi

Creative Director

Gastone graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and he worked in New York and Los Angeles before debuting with his documentary “What I Do”, a poignant story of street art and politics in China.

Amanda Felici 

Production Manager

Amanda graduated in Film and Media Production in Barcelona and worked in production for cinema, advertising and documentaries in Spain, UK and France.

Maria Grau Stenzel 

Creative Producer
Maria is an award winning creative producer with a broad experience in television and creating interactive content for VR, console games, mobile apps and websites. 

Raffaele Primitivo

Graphic Designer
Raffaele is a graphic designer and art director. His stylistic grammar has great emotional impact, direct and strong distinctive features.