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Local Bizzarro is a production company for advertising, film and music videos. We are based in one of the most spectacular areas of the Adriatic coast, the Conero Natural Reserve, and we do also location scouting and location management for shoots in Marche and Central Italy.

Local Bizzarro è una casa di produzione di video pubblicitari, cinematografici e musicali. Abbiamo sede in una delle zone più spettacolari della costa adriatica, la Riserva Naturale del Conero, e ci occupiamo anche di location scouting e location management nelle Marche e nel Centro Italia.


Amanda Felici 

Production Manager

Amanda graduated in Film and Media Production in Barcelona and worked in production for cinema, advertising and documentaries in Spain, UK and France.

Mattia Fiumani


Mattia studied Film at the New York University and worked as a creative director and film director with various record labels and artists in Los Angeles, Cairo, Berlin and Milan.

Giacomo Treviglio

Production Coordinator
Giacomo studied Design in Florence and Film Production in London 
and worked in Production Department for Cinema and Television for awards winning directors

Maria Grau Stenzel 

Creative Producer
Maria is an award winning creative producer with a broad experience in television and creating interactive content for VR, console games, mobile apps and websites. 

Raffaele Primitivo

Graphic Designer
Raffaele is a graphic designer and art director. His stylistic grammar has great emotional impact, direct and strong distinctive features. 

Gastone Clementi


Gastone graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and he worked in New York and Los Angeles before debuting with his documentary “What I Do”, a poignant story of street art and politics in China.

Andrea Gobbi

Sound Designer & Foley Artist

Andrea started writing music for commercials while living in Milan, he now works as a sound recordist, a sound designer and a foley artist for commercials, feature films and documentaries.

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