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1-3 September 2023

Conero Natural Park, Marche, Italy

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Conero Film + Adv (CFA) was created to support an ideal of sustainability in the advertising world. Sustainability both towards the environment, through a more conscious approach to production, and towards human nature, through the creation of content that celebrates our unique ability to tell stories.


We are looking for stories told in the form of hybrid works with a strong vision behind the camera, in which brands have collaborated with independent authors in the creation of fictional worlds, documentaries and animations, praising experimental storytelling over product information.

We invite filmmakers, production companies and brands from all over the world to submit their productions. Work capable of elevating the art of audiovisual storytelling within the commercial arena, both as an example of sustainable production and as a creative approach.

We are looking for passion projects and productions in collaboration with brands where filmmakers had the opportunity to tell their own story: a courageous, great and radical move that can contribute to a more ethical economy, prioritising people over profit, and using cinematic art as a means to inspire positive change.


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1.   Productions must be 15 minutes or under.
2. We do not have premiere policy. Works can also be publicly available online.
3. Productions must have been completed after 1st June 2022
4.  No refunds​


Earlybird Regular Extended

June 10, 2023 July 2, 2023

July 23, 2023

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